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MCS-300 Check Scanner

수표 양면 스캔, 이서
이미지 품질 기준, 인도 CTS 2010 규격 만족

The MCS-300 single-sheet scan-modules bring you a reliable and efficient cheque processing in your system.
Scanner starts processing automatically & takes greyscale and black/white images.
In addition, UV image is also available.

- Dual sided image capture using  CIS technology
- Full Compliance CTS 2010 standard
- Document  in –feed tray
- High Level Resolution  (200 x 200dpi resolution)
- Inkjet endorsement at the rear side
- USB 2.0 electrical interface
- Using Ultra sonic sensor for double feed
- Shutter
- MICR reader (OCR & MICR Header)
- UV feature Bank Logo detected by UV sensor
- Double note detect using Ultra sonic sensor


제품 상세 사양
item Description
Document Specification Width : 70 ~ 95mm
Length: 127 ~ 220mm
Weight: 70 ~120g/m²
Thickness: 0.08 ~ 0.2mm
Document Transport Single Document Feeding, Face-up Direction
Transaction Speed Scan Speed: 500mm/sec
Transport Speed : 500mm/sec
Image Capture System Front/ Read side CIS[ RGB + UV light(395nm)]
Scan width :108mm
Resolution : 200 x 200 dpi
Image Format 256 gray (jpg), Black/White(tiff), UV image(jpg)
MICR Reader E13B & Image recognition Algorithm(OCR)
Endorsement Inkjet(HP C6602A) ,Single line Printing,12 Nozzle 96dpi
Interface USB 2.0 Full speed
Supported OS Windows 2000 , XP , Win 7, Win8 [32/64bit], Linux
Power Requirement DC +24V(±5%)
Dimension(WxDxH) 176(W) X 404.6(D) X 127(H)mm
Weight -

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